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Hamfields Leisure, Hamfield Lane, Berkeley, Gloucestershire, GL13 9TN

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Sharpness AFC was founded in the 1900-1901 season. Their home ground was The Port

which they rented from British Waterways for a pepper-corn rate of one pound per year.


During 3 seasons of the mid 20's Sharpness, won the Gloucestershire Northern Senior

League. Although no football was played during both wars, Sharpness players regularly

wrote home to tell of their footballing achievements while they were away on duty.


After the second World War, Sharpness were very much to the fore and played at the

highest standard in Gloucestershire football. The Sharks were very successful and in

the 1962-63 season the 1st XI won the GNSL whilst the 2nd XI won the Stroud League

Div 1 without losing a game, a remarkable achievement.


In 1974 a clubhouse was built and from that point Sharpness went from strength to

strength. They won the Gloucestershire County League and joined the Hellenic Premier

League where they were very successful for a number of years winning the title in

1986. In the 1985-86 season they got to the last 16 in the country playing in the F.A.

Amateur Cup.


It was at this point that British Waterways decide they wanted to develop on the land

where The Port was situated so the club had to leave in 1988 its home of 88 years.

Following World War 1 a Grandstand had been built in memory of those who perished

in the war, alas this was bulldozed when The Sharks had to leave The Port.


For three seasons they played on Forest Greens pitch at a price far too high for that

time. It became impossible to cover the costs of playing at Forest Green so the club had

to revert to playing at a lower level. Reduced to one team now playing in GNSL Div 2

they got promoted in their first season 1991-92.


Since leaving Forest Green, Sharpness had played their games at Berkeley Vale School and now at Hamfields Leisure where have worked tirelessly to improve our facilities so we could once again ply our trade in the County League.


Sharpness 1st XI have retained their position in GNSL Div 1 since 1992, even winning

the league in 2001-2002, 2009-2010 & 2015-2016 for a record 11t time but alas their

facilities prevented them getting promoted.


We finally started the development of new changing rooms at Hamfields in May 2018

completing the project in March 2019 just in time for inspection. The 1st XI still had to

do the business on the field to secure promotion and did just that by winning the league

for a record 12th time in 2018-19 which secured promotion to the Gloucestershire

County league.


During our first season in the County League, we gave a good account of ourselves

lying in 3rd position in the league and making it to the Semi Final of the Les James Cup before the season was curtailed early. 


We recently completed our first full season back in the County League, finishing in a respectable 3rd place position.

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Full fixture list can be found on the Gloucestershire County League official website.

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